Meet The Team
Sharíck LaMay
Executive Producer/Director

Nickname: Reek Reek
Favorite Hobby: Being Outdoors
Favorite Person: Sharon (Mommy)
Bucket List Item: Seeing All of the Wonders of the World
Great Accomplishment: Being the first on my maternal side to obtain a university degree
Something Uniquely Unique about you: My nose twitches every time I blink, every time. 

Keisa Sullivan
Founder/Director of Marketing

Nickname: KS

Favorite Hobby: Laying on the beach 

Favorite Person: My nephew 

Bucket List Item: 

To lay on the sands of Egypt 

Greatest Accomplishment:

Graduating College 

Something Uniquely Unique about you:

I can burp on command 

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Shyra Gums
Joshua J. Pinkay
Music Director/Social Media Director
Host/Branding Director 

Nickname: Shy

Favorite Hobby: Besides music?...Graphic design ;)

Favorite Person: Varies amongst close relatives

Bucket List Item: A highly prestigious music/writing award

Greatest Accomplishment: Performing in London after graduating from College

Something Uniquely Unique about you: I became a published poet at age 18.

Nickname:  j.Pin
Favorite Hobby:  Being a Foodie!
Favorite Person:  Ava DuVernay
Bucket List Item:  Write a Book
Greatest Accomplishment:  Creating the best chosen family I could ever dream of. #FeelsGoodToBeUs
Something Uniquely Unique about you:  I’m a King and a Queen.

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Malik Baker Gillum
Richard Pinn 
Director/ Editor

Nickname: Baker

Favorite Hobby: Skateboarding

Favorite Person: My Mother 

Bucket List Item: Traveling around the world 

Greatest Accomplishment: Finishing College

Something Uniquely Unique about you: I can make my ears make pop sounds

Nickname: Filthyrich 
Favorite hobby: Poker
Favorite Person: Daughter
Bucket list item: Write Direct and film a feature film
Greatest Accomplishment: Seeing my name in credits 
Something uniquely unique about about you: I can play the saxophone 🎷 I can read music I know how to make beats I can throw a fast ball 90 mph. Lol I can cry on cue🤩

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Victoria Jackson
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Dani Reneé

Nickname: Dani

Favorite Hobby: yoga 

Favorite Person: favorite person? This is hard because my family is the bombbb 

Bucket List Item: I want to go sky diving 

Greatest Accomplishment: Starting my wellness business 

Something Uniquely Unique about you:

I love to compete

Kenneth Collins II
President of Programming

Nickname/Stage: K.D.C.
Favorite Hobby: Traveling
Favorite Person: King David Collins III
Bucket List Item: Skydiving over Africa
Great Accomplishment: Being  a Father
Something Uniquely Unique about you: I'm the loudest person in the room and quietest person in the room all at the same damm time

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Marcus K. Parker
Operations Manager

Nickname: Husband

Favorite Hobby: Volleyball, walking on the beach, learning hobbies 

Favorite Person: I can’t  just name one. 

Bucket List Items: get GYFS (Gay Youth Forming Science) running

Greatest Accomplishment: Moving to LOS ANGELES. Ca

Something Uniquely Unique about you: I know how to knit and crochet!

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Katharine Bennett

Nickname: Kat
Favorite hobby: Reading
Favorite Person: Favorite person outside of my daughter - Rihanna
Bucket list item: To go rock climbing in Yosemite Park
Greatest Accomplishment: Overcoming my fear of heights
Something uniquely unique about  you: I love a challenge and literally never give up

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Justin Gervacio 
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Alaysia Graves
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Tanya Ebule
Events Planner

Nickname: Tee 

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Favorite Person: My Sun

Bucket List Item: To be a Published Author

Greatest Accomplishment: Beating Cancer Being a Mom

Something Uniquely Unique about you: I’m obsessed with taking showers I take 5 a day!