Who We Are... 5 Years in the Industry!

LaMay Day was created as an outlet to express love and admiration for talented individuals in the creative and artistic realms. These artists through determination and faith have not only fought for the opportunity to share their craft with the world, but have also offered their passion as a form of expression representing the voices of the people. Rather than exploiting the aptitude of creatives, the mission is to commemorate and acknowledge their unique journey to discovering their purpose.

This is a love letter to you….

Mentorship in Hollywood!!

LaMay Day Productions is a minority based and owned media production and marketing company that caters to the urban and disadvantaged demographic. Our mission is to help other young creatives including minority women, men, and LGBTQI find their placing in such a white and male dominated industry. Through mentorship and our quarterly internship programs, including access to exclusive sets, the opportunity to operate top tier equipment, and ability to network with leaders in the industry, we have welcomed numerous young women and men into the entertainment industry and the LaMay Day Family complete with one on one training, feedback, and opportunities to contribute to the overall ideation. We want to empower those who are disadvantaged and often overlooked to be a voice in the production industry and to not settle for anything less than the best. Mentorship in production for minorities and women can be hard to come by and even harder to maintain so we rise to the occasion and we allow our mentees with our assistance to rule their future. 

Want to apply to our Quarterly Internship program? Email your resume to info@lamayday.com

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