“WE ARE ONE VOICE” A Photography Demonstration of Diversity in America


War Photographer Seamus Conlan will erected outdoor photo studio in Venice on August 10th as part of photography tour across the U.S. to document the diversity of Americans

Seamus Conlan, who photographed 21,000 refugee children at the height of the Rwandan genocide to help reunite them with their families and heal tribal divisions, uses the power of images to unite people in the United States with the WE ARE ONE VOICE campaign in cities around the U.S.

Beginning in Los Angeles, CA on August 10th 2016 at the Venice Beach Skate Park, Conlan created a large outdoor studio to photograph hundreds of people in one day, documenting the diversity of Americans, in the busiest commuter areas of each city he visits. With an outdoor digital darkroom, large images were printed as Conlan for a live exhibit he later left of the images to the city.

Documenting the many multitudes of faces of Americans in all their diverse beauty gives all of us the chance to find ourselves in the faces– to begin to heal society, and American hearts. “Diversity is a fundamental part of the human experience, without it everything is the same and you have nothing to learn or grow from. That is what makes America great, its rich diversity.” says Conlan.

“In Conlan’s hands, art had the power to literally save lives–and begin to save a broken society,” says Rolling Stone writer Guy Lawson. “What Conlan did in Rwanda qualifies as one of the great heroic acts in the history of photojournalism.”

Seamus Conlan was named the 16th of the “100 most important people in photography” in “American Photo” magazine and “Life Magazine” honored him for having taken one of the ‘100 images that changed the world’ for his work in Rwanda in which he worked with the Red Cross and UNICEF to systematically photograph every child crossing the border, locating them according to their village, and setting up tents to enable parents to search for the face of their missing children.

“WE ARE ONE VOICE is an example of the power of creativity and storytelling to create community and conversation,” said Adam Castillo, Vice President of Marketing for Blue. “We are proud to be involved.”

WE ARE ONE VOICE is about coming together in a positive nurturing environment that goes further than simple tolerance and aims for understanding, unity, and love for diversity.

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