Thomas DaVinci

The Harp.  In some religious beliefs, the harp and its user are often associated with grace.  When turned sideways, it is modernly known as what we today call a Piano, symbolizing the Harp’s grace.  Thomas DaVinci is a Pianist, Producer, Singer, and Rapper.  As a child growing up around music, DaVinci learned to play the Piano at an early age.  At 17, the well-rounded Creative pursued a career in music taking him from Chicago, Illinois leading him to Los Angeles, California, where he now resides in Inglewood. Currently, DaVinci performs live at venues throughout Los Angeles as well as release self-composed music every few weeks.  Stay updated on upcoming shows with DaVinci’s journey and listen to his newly released single, Freshman of the year, available now on Sound Cloud.


Instagram: @thomasdavinci

Soundcloud: Thomas DaVinci

YouTube: Thomas DaVinci

Facebook: Thomas Gentry