As we say goodbye to the past 8 years of progress and “Yes We Can”, there are so many reasons we can say how amazing president Barack Obama has been for The United States of America, however we would like to specifically highlight 5 reasons we as creatives love Obama….. Reason 1: He is a man of The People. Who can forget the goosebumps we felt when then candidate Sen. Obama expounded his campaign winning slogan “yes we can.” Signifying the epitome of accomplishing a common goal together. Unlike many presidents who preceded him and unfortunately who will follow,…


Shynell Blanson, who goes by Fridayy a name that embodies her laid back vibe and also carries the excitement for night time is a 25 year old songstress who grew up in Oakland, CA. Fridayy recalls singing for as long as she’s been able to speak, and she hasn’t t stopped since. She graduated from Oakland School for the Arts a prolific arts charter high school where she was able to hone in and better her  craft and. Her new single “Ain’t Worried” which dropped today is a sultry “true story” freestyle ballad. Fridayy is VERY excited to see how…

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Chase Walker : The Film Maker

Chase Walker is a multifaceted artist.  After growing up studying acting, he moved on to become a DJ and now…

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